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Parents for Peace


Parents For Peace is a non-governmental public health nonprofit empowering families, friends, and communities to prevent radicalization, violence, and extremism. Parents For Peace supports families, friends, and communities concerned about someone becoming involved with extremism. We provide guidance and early intervention; raise public awareness; and advocate for effective policy solutions.


We envision a world where young people are strong and resilient during the impressionable and vulnerable stages of growing up - a world where families and communities are equipped to protect youth from radicalization as happy & fulfilled members of society.


Our helpline assists family and friends effectively intervene with loved ones swept up in extremist movements. Our educational efforts raise public awareness of extremism as a complex public health issue impacting impressionable youth.


Parents for Peace was co-founded by Melvin Bledsoe after his son Carlos was radicalized and committed a deadly act of terrorism on US soil. His goal: no other family should experience the trauma he continues to wrestle with. The organization began as a support group for other families who had lost loved ones to extremism and soon expanded to offer a confidential helpline to assist families grappling with new cases of extremism. Because of our unique frontline intervention expertise and track-record, Parents for Peace has become a recognized expert in the space of de-radicalization and counter-extremism.

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