In addition to intervention and recovery programs, P4P prevents radicalization in the first place by cultivating resilience. Serve 2 Unite works in schools and businesses to engage people in arts-driven service learning, creating a healthy sense of identity, purpose, and belonging.

The Serve 2 Unite Program:

The purpose of P4P/S2U program is to empower leaders to build inclusive, compassionate, nonviolent climates in their organizations. We do this by creating space for openness and honesty through storytelling, then engaging participants in mindful listening compassion development workshops. 

Next, participants are trained to conceive, create, and carry-out fun service-­learning projects that unite their organizations around a common cause, while serving and engaging with the surrounding community. Weaving elements of artistic expression into the service projects further connects members of the organization and the communities served.

The outcome  is an experience that supercharges our common humanity and grants the ability to guide a compassionate organizational culture of excellence via unique and inspiring service projects that all staff will love.

  • Pre-event consultation to customize programming to the specific needs of your organization.
  • A Serve 2 Unite presentation by Mubin Shaikh and Arno Michaelis.
  • Breakout sessions with leadership.
  • A full day of training in S2U arts-driven service learning and global engagement curriculum.
  • Access to a S2U Director for the duration of the contract term.
  • Connection with other S2U schools, businesses, and community orgs to facilitate service projects.
  • Inclusion in S2U social media.

  • S2U T-Shirts for all program participants.