Trauma and Recovery Program (T.R.P.)

In addition to prevention and intervention programs, P4P supports individuals by providing rehabilitative programs. P4P utilizes this dynamic rehabilitative program to help individuals avoid and recover from “addiction” to extremism and develop healthy coping skills for processing trauma.

Trauma and Recovery Program (T.R.P.):

Hate and bigotry continue to cause concern and with increased online presence due to the Covid pandemic, it has become easier for hate groups to spread propaganda and attract new members, especially amongst US military personnel and veterans.

In our experience, involvement with hate groups usually stems from a place of pain, whether individuals realize it or not. Issues can include:

  • Mental health 
  • Substance abuse
  • Early trauma
  • Grievances
  • Feeling isolated

But every individual is unique — their story, their path and their pain. To ensure effectiveness our programs will service communities and individuals from all walks of life.

T.R.P. identifies, isolates, addresses, and heals trauma individuals have experienced in their lives which has left them vulnerable to radicalization. Inspired by the 12-step program for overcoming addiction, T.R.P. was created by one of our ambassadors, Chris Buckley – an Army veteran turned KKK leader, who overcame his hate with the support of P4PThis program aids vulnerable individuals suffering from PTSD and anger find healing. At P4P we see hate as a “drug of choice”. 

Parents For Peace views hate as a public health crisis and we believe it should be treated as such in order to address the rise of extremism.

For more information or questions concerning the T.R.P. program, please contact P4P at