Concerned about a loved one's extreme beliefs or behavior?

a free and confidential resource for families

As our society is pulled farther to extremes and our children become easier prey to online recruiters, more and more families discover that a loved one’s radicalization is not a niche problem.   

Parents for Peace (P4P) runs the nation’s first and only free & confidential intervention helpline for these families. We help you understand and address a loved one’s attraction to extreme beliefs and behaviors. Call us at 844-49-PEACE (844-497-3223) or email us at

We are not a crisis line. In case of emergency, contact 911 or 988 immediately.

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Coaching Sessions

After your initial call and intake with our helpline, we'll provide you with personalized support. Our family-centered care team will educate you on the radicalization process and collaborate with you to develop a customized toolbox for assisting the person you're concerned about. Our approach includes direct intervention options that can involve the individual of concern.


In collaboration with Georgia State University, we're offering a complimentary pilot program designed for individuals interested in positive life transitions, away from extreme beliefs and behaviors. The program offers insights into understanding challenges, promoting recovery, and fostering reintegration, and upon successful completion, awards certificates for Peer Support Specialists.

Family Support Groups

Understanding the deep shame and self-doubt that many families of individuals with extreme beliefs face, we provide a confidential environment for families to truly grasp that they are not alone. In our Circles, moderated by our experts, families connect, share experiences, and find solace in the understanding of others facing similar challenges.

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