Parents For Peace is a non-governmental public health nonprofit empowering families, friends, and communities to prevent radicalization, violence, and extremism.

Learn about our alliance’s unique work providing communities with practical resources:

Intervention & Rehabilitation

Family and friends have an important role to play in helping a vulnerable individual. To intervene with radicalist recruitment, we offer guidance and support to concerned individuals.


Our goal is to help families and friends become effective mentors, using their established relationship to build a foundation of trust with loved ones who may be involved in extremism.


We raise awareness of the danger extremism poses to vulnerable youth by increasing the public’s understanding of all forms of extremism as a complex public health issue.

Education &

In partnership with the Rand Corporation and University of Maryland, Baltimore, Parents For Peace is researching better ways to combat extremism.

Melvin Bledsoe

Our Story

Parents for Peace was co-founded by Melvin Bledsoe after his son Carlos was radicalized and committed a deadly act of terrorism on US soil. His goal: no other family should experience the trauma he continues to wrestle with.

Our Mission

Parents For Peace supports families, friends, and communities concerned about someone becoming involved with extremism. We provide guidance and early intervention; raise public awareness; and advocate for effective policy solutions. 


Our Vision

We envision a world where young people are strong and resilient during the impressionable and vulnerable stages of growing up. And a world where families and communities are equipped to protect their youth from extremism and radicalization, allowing them to feel safe and become happy, fully functioning members of society.